Tschuss, from JFKI’m writing here on my connecting flight from Düsseldorf to Berlin, where our host, Juergen, will meet us at the airport and our year of adventure will begin. Even though I’ve been awake for 24 hours already, I feel energized and full of potential. The energy is very abstract, though, like an elegant piece of stationery, flower tendrils wisping pleasantly up the edges. With what will I fill this inviting page?

Already we’ve had some bumps. Our flight left so late from JFK that we missed our connection. Germanically, Air Berlin rebooked all passengers with missed connections onto the next flight to their destination and had our new boarding passes waiting at our new gates. At customs, a stern Aryan gave us a hard glance before stamping our passports, efficiently, meticulously, on the first blank page, and perfectly aligned. Finally, we had to face the security line again, and the Nalgene we’d filled at JFK was too suspicious to pass. The pleasant security guard, again meticulously, poured every drop of our left over water into other people’s confiscated, half-full commercial bottles, then returned our dry bottle.

On this new flight, we just heard an apologetic announcement from our captain himself. Even though we are boarded and ready to go, we will have to wait…10 minutes before our turn on the runway. That outrageous delay passed as I wrote this last paragraph, and now we’re taxiing to take off!

P.S. The snack on this flight is a warm, bready pretzel stick. Of course it is.


6 responses to “Tschüss!

  1. this is the beginning of a long and amazing journey, hooray!

  2. Ah, you just about have the URL I wanted for when I move to Berlin — I’m moving there next April/May. So I’ll keep track of your blog and see how you’re getting on.

  3. You insights about the German culture and expression generally–a delight, as always.

  4. You post makes me want to go to Aldi where everything is efficient, meticulous, and perfectly aligned. Hahaha!

  5. Love the url of your blog, it makes me smile. I can’t wait to read more of your insights.

  6. so excited about this darling!!!!!!!! 🙂 enjoy your year in Berlin … can’t wait to see how things are going 🙂 xox

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