Living with Liver

Yesterday’s theme was liver. I ate liverwurst for the first time, and relished it, we noticed that Oktoberfest has begun, and most significantly, we rented an apartment on Leberstrasse (Liver Street). I’m going to interpret that as a literal description of the people in the neighborhood, we who live, deliberately and with verve. I’m certainly not going to think of bloody organs all the time! Leberstrasse is in the neighborhood of Schöneberg, quiet but close to all the action. We knew we’d found just the right place when we found a plaque commemorating Marlene Dietrich’s birthplace right across the street. So, starting Oktober 12, we have guest accommodations in the heart of the city. Here’s a link showing pictures of the apartment upstairs, which is just like ours:


8 responses to “Living with Liver

  1. ach, alle deutschen Wohnungen sehen ziemlich gleich aus, oder? aber gut, dass ihr so schnell etwas gefunden habt.

    viel Glück!

  2. It’s things like this blog that makes us love you, Susan! You’re so thoughtful. We are happy for you and Aaron. How long do you expect to stay in Berlin? As a real estate broker that apartment looks grand. We wish you happiness and good health while you live there. l shana tova! Love, Gramma and Grampa Koller

  3. @micah – ne, die sind im gleichen Gebaeude – diese ist zwei Stocke ueber unsere. Unsere Wohnung unterscheidet sich dabei, sie hat keinen Troedel drinnen wie die anderen…. wird schoen sein

  4. I love the blog. Here all the lessons I learned in Germany:
    Look people straight in the eyes when you toast.
    Use the change dish.
    Carry no less than 3 Euro coins on you at all times.
    English is OK.
    Never undermine a bus driver’s authority by putting the coins in for him.
    The funny sounding potatoes at McDonalds are surprisingly yummy.
    They only wear Liederhosen and Grendls in Bavaria (two girls I met were very emphatic about this point).
    Hope you are having a great time, and go to the top of the Reichstag for a sunset soon!

  5. @micah – aber doch, haettest du aber etwas nett ueber unsre neue Wohnung sagen sollen?

  6. Thanks for the blog — we’re thoroughly enjoying it! I feel like you’re here with us, describing with such humor your experiences & thoughts. Living with liver — yuck, but only you can look on the bright side of that! Your flat sounds & looks perfect — & furnished with linens no less! They are thorough. The description is most interesting perhaps due to translation issues (e.g. extraction hood), but what is herd with glass-ceramic hob? With your positive attitude, I just might get up my courage to visit germany. Keep on blogging! With love from Leah & Noah in Michigan.

  7. @aaron – ja, natürlich. sehr schön. aber es sieht aus, genauso wie jede deutsche Wohnung (oder Haus), dass ich schon gesehen habe. die Deutschen sind nicht sehr kreativ ich glaube. (auch sind alle Gebaüde gleich nach dem Kreig aufgebaut).

    wie ist der Ort der Wohnung? viel zu machen in der Gegend?

  8. See if they have any braunschweiger.

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