Not bad, minton

Why didn’t any of you tell me what a rockin’ game is badminton? On Saturday morning, Jürgen took us to his gym, which seemed just like a nice fitness center in the U.S. except instead a sweatshop’s worth of exercise machines, this place featured tennis and badminton and racquetball courts. Hand-eye coordination has never been my strong suit (nor foot-eye coordination as my outing in the social studies department kickball team most recently demonstrated). Before we set out, I looked up some key phrases I expected to need. “Sorry I missed that,” “Where did the shuttlecock go?”, “Look out for that flying racket!”, “Ooh, so sorry I bashed your nose with my racket”….  In the end, no blood was spilled, and I adored the badminton, hitting the shuttlecock more than I whiffed. Hopefully Jürgen will take us again next weekend.

The next morning, I woke up with such sore hamstrings! Before heading to breakfast, I looked up “sore” in our wörterbuch, and found there is no such expression. I could only say that my legs hurt, according to the dictionary. I could not imbue the meaning that my muscles suffered from the previous day’s exertions. So, I made do and told Jürgen my legs hurt. Martina piped up with something I couldn’t understand, and Aaron translated: “My legs have a hangover.”  Which is for sure exactly what I meant. No more soreness for me. Even in English I think I will explain forever after that my muscles are hungover.


4 responses to “Not bad, minton

  1. What a perfect substitute for “sore.” I anticipate many more discoveries such as this.

  2. Like when we do yoga–so hungover. And, in that case, it’s even literal!

  3. I LOVE this new word for sore. Perfect.

    Also…I LOVE badminton. Or, as the Brits say, shuttle cock and battledore. (Weird, right?) In fact, I love it so much that I created this whole landscape design for my backyard that revolved around a permanent court. My neighbors have already begun working on the “bleachers” for the viewing section.

    Also…since one should always have three of anything if at all possible and this will be my 3rd love…I LOVE this blog. You’re so made for this, Susan. There’s only one problem: I miss you!

  4. Muskelkater 😉 we would say in German

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