Daily life update

I’m so far ahead with the post writing, but we only make it to the internet cafe a couple times a week. This is all old news by now, replaced in my mind by our more recent adventures. We are on step 3 of the 5 step process to hook up the internet.  We’re waiting for the telephone company to verify to the DSL company that we exist, or that our phone line exists, or something. Ich verstehe nicht. So, here’s two quick posts:

We’re settling into something of a normal routine here in Berlin. We moved into the apartment nearly two weeks ago. I go Monday through Thursday mornings to my Deutsch class, where I bond with my fellow learners. Aaron, I presume, bonds with Moses Mendelssohn. Still no internet in the apartment, so there’s not much to distract us from serious work at home. After class, I come home by bus and we eat a delicious lunch of bread from our neighborhood bakery, cheese, vegetables, and sweet mustard. We do errands in the afternoon, though soon we’ll be done with all this setting up house and we can instead go touring. Usually, we cook dinner at home, then go out to a bar with live music in the evening. I’m very happy to report that the Germans play their shows early and then send everybody home to bed a decent hour.

I’m working hard at making friends. Aaron’s cousin’s college roommate lives in Berlin this year, also the trailing spouse of a grant recipient. We had them over for dinner last weekend. I got together with another fellow wife for a trip to the zoo. And yesterday, I met up with a German woman to practice speaking each other’s languages. I muddled through a bit of German. Luckily, Claudia’s English is very good, and so is her patience.


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