It’s Kurbis season!

We are all celebrating Kurbis here in Berlin. Kurbis* is German for squash. When we moved in with Heinz and Heilweg, Kurbis season was just beginning, and Heilweg made a Kurbis soup from a squash I haven’t seen in the states. She cooked it up with ginger, coconut milk, and an orange, and then pureed it. It was delicious, and I was anxious to do my own experimenting with Kurbis.

The weekend after we moved into our apartment was the neighborhood Kurbis Fest. We bought a Kurbis of course, and also some Kurbis jam. We’d just come from brunch, so we regretfully skipped the Kurbis soups, Kurbis cakes and donuts…. We skipped the Kurbis oil, Kurbis homeopathic cures, Kurbis jewelry…

The Fest included a Kurbis puppet show, in which a housewife tried to convince a dragon not to eat her Kurbis. Of course, the dragon couldn’t hold himself back from such a delicious treat and ate the Kurbis  raw, in one bite! Then, he got a tummy ache because that wasn’t an edible Kurbis! The puppet stage was flanked by some prize Kurbises, weighing in at 170 kilos (about 375 pounds).


One response to “It’s Kurbis season!

  1. Wow, Kubris season already?

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