Some things are better in Germany

Raise your hand if you have a partially used little can of tomato paste aging in your fridge. I almost always did because we only needed a few tablespoons to thicken sauce or whatever. Well, the Germans sell tomato paste in containers like toothpaste, so you can just screw the cap back on and keep indefinitely.

Things that continue to confuse me in Germany

The doors on subway cars and many buses do not open by themselves. To get on or off, you have to pull a level or push a button. I really enjoy this usually because I love to push buttons, and in the U.S. button pushing opportunities arise mostly only on elevators, which I do not like. However, I often forget that I have to open the door for myself, so I wait patiently to be automatically released from the transportation. In this way I have missed trains, travelled a stop too far, and barreled over aghast German passengers to dash out another door that someone else had opened.


One response to “Observations

  1. I buy my tomato paste (and anchovy paste) in tubes. Seriously, how often do you need a can of tomato paste — unless you plan on canning six jars of tomato sauce.

    But I admit, the tubes are more difficult to find.

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