By the way

I haven’t had a chance to mention that we did finally get the internet, seven efficient weeks after we asked for it. Now bliss flows into our house every day through the precious wires. I was not home for the sacred moment of connection, but as Aaron recounts the tale, the internet installation man came in like a priest, futzed around in the wall for two minutes, and left as mysteriously as he arrived. 24 hours of panic ensued when the internet failed to connect instantly. Finally, the following morning, our computers sighed in happiness and joined the whole wide world web of cyber joy.

In other news, many astonishing developments occurred while we were in Amsterdam. The first, we noticed on our way home from the train station. A staple establishment in our neighborhood, the BioLaden (organic store), has disappeared, leaving behind only a wall of plate glass coated in newspapers. Second, and more astonishing still, Berlin acquired all new buses in our absence! We boarded a bus over the weekend and were instantly assaulted by that new bus smell. Now there’s something I never thought I would experience. Until now, I thought they manufactured buses pre-aged, complete with stains on the fabric and gum under the seats. It turns out new buses smell just like new cars. In addition, the new buses have new hi-tech monitors displaying in duplicate what bus we’re on and where we’ll stop next. It’s very reassuring. I’m hoping they think of some more entertaining use for all the blank screen space. I envision an in-flight movie. For now, the screens look like this*:

BUS 106 U Seestr. BUS 106 U Seestr.


Nächste Haltesteller:                            Julius Leber Brücke


Nächste Haltesteller:                            Julius  Leber Brücke

Just like that, one beside the other at the front of the bus. You can see how much wasted space there is. Maybe it’s one for West Germans and one for the East.

*Acknowledgment: Thank you, Miss Brisson, for teaching me to make boxes in Word.


2 responses to “By the way

  1. Hey Susan! It was a blast hanging out with you today. I’ve been enjoying reading your posts!


  2. You’re kidding, aren’t you? New buses overnight? This is the stuff of fairy tales, which the Germans are also good at.

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