Antartica update

I’m trying very hard not to learn anything new except for German grammar and vocabulary. Unfortunately, interesting things keep cropping up that I want to know about. Like this book I’m reading about Shackleton’s totally debaclerous exploration of Antarctica. Lately he and his men have been eating baby albatrosses, a dish he describes in succulent detail. He particularly likes their young, tender bones that melt in his mouth. Aside from albatross, the cook constantly prepares them “hoosh.” They have penguin hoosh and seal hoosh, and that’s about it because there isn’t anything else to eat, but I bet you could have an any sort of a hoosh. The word “hoosh” sounds quite revolting… Or does it sound absolutely delicious. I really want to eat hoosh.


One response to “Antartica update

  1. What is the name of this marvelous book? I’ll try to follow you around in it…


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