My new favorite fish

I visited the Berlin aquarium last week with my new friend Anne and her one-year-old daughter Louise. Anne loved the jellyfish, Louise was quite taken with an air vent she found on the wall, and I met the fish of my dreams. When I first looked in the tank, I thought the fishkeepers had tossed in a lemon for the fish to play with. But soon the lemon finned around. It might be this guy:

Ostracion cubicus

The Berlin lemon fish didn’t have so many spots, just enough to look like a well-seasoned lemon.

The aquarium also had several crocodiles and a fantastic frog collection.

After the air vent, Louise promptly fell asleep in her Babywagon. All the Berlin babies travel in fantastic prams, and their parents swaddle them in baby sleeping bags against the cold. Anne and I walked all the way home through the sunny day and stopped off for the best pizza I’ve had in Berlin.


One response to “My new favorite fish

  1. I, too, love the lemon fish. This is in line to be my wall paper, after I am done admiring my house covered in snow (the picture presently), not the event.

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