Spring kisses Berlin’s tulips

Spring is unfolding bud by bud here in Berlin. Everyday we can see the baby leaves stretch a little more. We Berliners shed our layers piece by piece. The sun shines in between momentary hail storms, and amorous animals chase each other through the streets. On a day forecasted to have less hail than usual, Aaron and I made an expedition to the suburbs to visit Tulipan at the city park Britzer Garten. The gardeners have planted thousands and thousands of tulips.

Our visit was a bit premature, but I still chalked up visions of more tulips than I’ve ever seen in my life before. We’ll have to journey back as more and more of the unfathomable number of buds open. Aside from the tulips, the flowering trees were in full bloom,

the sun shone warm,

I debuted my newly finished spring skirt (cut on the bias and including piping),

the park is full of cafes serving wurst and ice cream,

Our waiter at the cafe. He was fowl.

and at the far end, a functional windmill produces flour.

As we strolled through the blooming park hand in hand, our free hands bedecked with ice cream cones, I told Aaron this was my vision of what heaven would be like. Ever the realist in the face of romance, Aaron considered this rather an exaggeration, and pointed out that it would be rather boring to wake up and walk through Britzer Garten every day, and besides, there were too many people. But see for yourself all the soothing loveliness. Sometimes boring is heavenly.

I almost forgot to mention that on top of everything else, there were sheep! Take that, realist husband.


One response to “Spring kisses Berlin’s tulips

  1. culinspiration

    Looks beautiful! I wonder if it’s too late to catch the tulips now.

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