Three things you’ll be happy to know

  1. A new and delightful utensil

The heat ducked into the mid 80s on Tuesday, and I took advantage of the reprieve to meet up with my friend Verity. We ordered Eisschokolade at a sidewalk café. The first lovely development was that Eisschokolade turns out to be a chocolate milkshake! I thought my day was already made, but it got even better. The accompanying utensil to aid in the slurping of the milkshake was a silverware epiphany. It was a spoon with a straw for a handle. You can suck your milkshake right through the handle of your spoon! A bit of internet research showed me that this product is readily available. How have I missed it up to now?

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2. Special for wordophiles

Recently my M-W Word of the Day was “struthious.” It sounds like something Stephen Colbert would have made up. Instead, it means, “like an ostrich.” I don’t know about you, but I can’t count the times I’ve wanted to describe something as ostrich-like. Aside from its excellent definition, struthious is very fun to say. Beware, all my tall, bulbous, and pea-brained friends. You know what I’m thinking about you….

Bonus interesting ostrich words info. In German, an ostrich is a Strauss, which is also the word for bouquet. And finally, a question. Why struthious instead of struthine? Almost all the animal descriptors I know are –ines. Bovine, ovine, ursine, porcine, canine, feline, vulpine, lupine, leonine, aquiline, cosine. Gotcha!

3. A Belarusian superstition

Yesterday I went to the public pool with my friend Oksana. Oksana comes from Belarus and this week, a friend from home is visiting her. Oksana’s friend’s name is…Oksana. So, Oksana, Oksana, and I went to the pool together. On the stroll from the S-Bahn station, I found myself walking between the two Oksanas. The visiting Oksana said, “Oh, you’re walking between two people with the same name. That means you get to make a wish!”

Bonus interesting German public pool info. In Berlin, you are allowed to run on the pool deck, and even through the baby pool. You are allowed to have chicken fights. You may go off the diving board at will, without waiting for the lifeguard to tell you the way is clear, which is a good thing because the lifeguard is eating his lunch in his chair. There is NO safety break! I waited all afternoon for the rivers of head wound blood that would soon stream into the water from all the incredibly dangerous activities going on. Remarkably not a single person suffered egregious injury. I admired another feature of the German public pool which I think we should import. Entry to the pool area is controlled by fences and bushes and such. There are only a few access points and these are all foot baths. You have to walk through a little pool of water in order to get to the swimming pool. This means that your feet are clean and refreshed when you dive in.


One response to “Three things you’ll be happy to know

  1. Come home! We’re so anxious to see you two! Gramma/Grampa Koller PS We now have a new granddaughter named Megan.

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